Malmi vison 2012

Artistic impressions
We imagine a new interface between man in perpetual motion and the contemporary city. The idea is to create a “clear filter” capable of capture the feelings of an intangible wonder as if we were looking at the sky or the sun through the trees in a forest.

New system as a material
We want to turn this material into a fundamental architectural element by means of the overlapping of two fibre-cement sheets and the insertion of a metallic resistant core between them. The “new material” has structural characteristics that allow it to create three-dimensional and transparent systems. It allows you to change significantly the perception that you can have from a volume defined by this “new skin”, capable of dissolving and change color depending on the point of view and the speed you are traveling. This idea experience the dynamic principles of time, movement and sequential perception.

New applications for fiber cement
This new application permits you to go over the traditional use as a cladding to discover new potentiality and increase fields of use: shaping a new skin for existing buildings, creating a transparent skin for new buildings (being able to fit both flat and curved surfaces ) and create endless solutions for self-supporting lightweight structures used to organize and improve the quality of public spaces: bicycle parking, information point, small ticket office, signage, security and sound barrier, lighting, street furniture, etc.
The proposed idea enhances all the quality of fibre-cement: creative, versatile, distinct, efficient, authentic, tough and adds new ones: structural and dynamic.

Image facelift to improve the quality of transit area and increase the attractiveness of suburbs
We imagine operations of “cosmetic surgery timely” capable of becoming urban landmarks or interventions that can be targeted to specific portions of buildings, minimizing costs and maximizing results (Less is more). These operations allow to improve the architectural quality of buildings, spaces for commercial buildings and also for transport facilities: parking, garages, railway stations, bicycle parking, storages, etc.

Improving the feeling of safety
Through the use of light the “new material” can be used for creating great night lights, increasing the feeling of safety. Urban spaces can thus develop a new sense of quality and novelty in the perception of people increasing their sense of belonging and avoiding acts of vandalism.

Versatility of the “new material”
This “new material” can be used in combination with the traditional cladding next to opening or to create “brise-soleil” systems for the control of solar contribution in buildings. As we have already said, the “new material” has the great potential of being used for all types of buildings in the contemporary city, for the construction of new lightweight structures and street furniture.

Further Developments
Through further studies and laboratory tests it will be possible to develop a new industrial process that can integrate metal structural elements to the fibre-cement sheets, in order to create this “new material” already under production stage.

Idee per l’uso del fibrocemento come materiale per lo spazio urbano


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Malmi-Helsinki, Finlandia






arch. Silvia Labanti


16 Maggio 2012